Mt21 1-11 – The King Makes His Entry

Matt. 21:1-11 – The King Makes His Entry
In the two previous passages Jesus has had to contend with disciples vying for position when he claims his kingdom. Then after that as he was approaching the city two blind men get his attention and his compassion and he heals them. So far it’s looking like a very busy day. Now as he approached Jerusalem he had a very specific “presentation” in mind and sends two disciples out to get the “props,” a donkey and her colt. Where is Jesus’ mind at? Finally after having to be deliberately cryptic about who he is and why he is there, he embraces symbolism that everyone would understand and makes his entrance as the Messiah, the One Who Is to Come.

But as he previously explained when he spoke about the nature of leadership (i.e., service to others, Matt. 20:25-28) he was not striding into Jerusalem like a proud Roman general returning from his conquests, but as a servant of the people. And as he received their praise his heart no doubt was touched by the thousands of souls whose burden he knew he would carry within one week’s time. They received into their city and he received them into his heart. They said, “Hosanna” as a form of praise, he, no doubt, heard the original meaning of the words, just as he had the two blind men along the road, “Save us, Son of David!” JBB 7/28/2005

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