Mt12 38-45 – Looking for a Sign

Matt. 12:38-45 – Looking for a Sign

Interesting thoughts about expecting signs and the promises, in that Steve is always going on about how the Lord wants to bless us with signs and wonders. Part of me looks at these verses as a rebuke to our needing a sign in order to believe. In the face of such need for “proof” Jesus only offers the “proof” of his death and resurrection. Actually the point is that the generation demanding a sign (in order to believe) will be rebuked by the people of Nineveh and the Queen of Sheba because they repented and turned to God at the preaching of someone less than Jesus. Thus, it would seem to be a fine line between living in the place we’re miracles and signs abound because one is walking in faith and the authority of God and having a need for the signs and wonders in order to believe. I keep thinking that without the eyes of faith one wouldn’t be able to see the miracles of God that are all around us every day anyway, much less being able to “see” the “bigger” things of God.

Then in verses 43-45 Jesus typifies this generation with a man from whom an evil spirit has been cast out, but because the man remains “unoccupied” the evil spirit takes up residence again but this time with seven additional evil spirits. In the face of Jesus’ cleansing ministry does our newly cleansed heart remain uncommitted to the one who has saved us? It probably isn’t wise to follow this line of reasoning too literally but why should God give us another miracluous sign when we’ve yet to act of the sign of his love and grace which he has already given to us in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. That’s the sign I’m most committed to, the sign of what Jesus has already done. JBB 07-21-2004

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