Mt8 5-13 – A Soldier’s Faith

Matt. 8:5-13 – A Soldier’s Faith

Interesting that a gospel very concerned with Jesus’ fulfillment of the law & the prophets begins with the confession of faith from a Gentile. There is a naturalist/logical quality to the centurion’s expression of faith. For him it just makes sense. But before we go too far we need to note that this “logical” approach begins with the soldier recognizing who Jesus is… recognizing his authority to work miracles. That part does not lend itself to simple logic but to a changed heart.

More importantly Jesus is astonished by his faith and comments that those who will enjoy paradise with the Jewish founders will not be limited to the Jewish bloodline. It isn’t ones family but faith and not a passive “whatever” faith, but an active faith that effects all areas of one’s life. JBB 04/05/04

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