Mt7 12 – The Golden Rule

Matt. 7:12 – The Golden Rule

In its “paragraph” breaks the NIV groups this verse with the previous verses about asking, seeking & knocking. That didn’t seem to fit to me, but then it doesn’t exactly fit with the next section about gates, knowing a tree by its fruit and the wise builder. Granted the “structure” or relationship of these “sayings” and how they may or may not have followed one another is somewhat problematic, so it’s best to look at the internal structure of the verse. In this case, it seems to be a summation, or reminder on all of the sayings. Interestingly, it is again about ones relationship with ones neighbor and the ultimate importance of our actions and their relationship with others actions towards us. Clearly the Christian life is not all about the solo individual believer but the believer among fellow believer and also among the surrounding community. JBB

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