Mt5 43-48 – Love as God Loves

Matt. 5:43-48 – Love as God Loves
As with retribution in the preceding verses, Jesus again raises the bar. Following our heavenly Father’s example of the sun rise and rainfall on the just and unjust, so we must also give our love to those who persecute us and not only those who love us. God’s love doesn’t follow after the “natural” order of give and take, at least in a direct sense. The lord does mention a “reward” for giving our love, but that “reward” is not from those receiving our love but from following God’s example of love. The admonition to be “perfect,” as our heavenly Father is perfect is quite intimidating. How does one measure up to that? My first guess is to look at how we love one another. That makes the biggest difference right there. It draws up toward the heart and soul of our endeavor: to love one another (brother and stranger and enemy) just like God loves all of us. JBB

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