Mt5 38-42 – Retribution

Enforcers of the Divine Will Attribution Some rights reserved by seriykotik1970

Matt. 5:38-42 – Retribution
Jesus raises the bar again. It’s my understanding that “an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth” was given to maintain a sense of equity in the law, that the guilty should be required to “repay” the offended in equal measure to the offense, and at the same time the offended party should not seek too much “repayment” and seek a judgment out of step with the offense. This is a model of social equity and balance. But Jesus goes in a completely different direction. Instead of seeking compensation or demanding ones “rights” Jesus turns things around completely. At first glance it would seem that Jesus is requiring the believer to abdicate ones rights as a member of the community and submit to whatever demand one may be imposed with. What a bunch of weaklings, just giving in whenever someone, some tyrant starts pushing you around. But when I reread the verses it could also be said that one can come from strength but facing such demands by giving twice as much as is being required. Instead of folding because one is weak, the believer draws from deep within and gives far more, asserting choice and strength of character. JBB

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