1995-01-01 Prescott New Years Eve

Confrontation & Thinking about My Former Best-Friend

These are part of my notes from Sunday’s service:

The Power of Creative Confrontation – Gen 42.1-43
Are you a confronter? Joseph faces his brother after being sold into slavery for 20-years.

Thinking about my relationship with my former best-friend… first impulse is that I have enough “advisors” in my life right now and I don’t need another. Next thought is whether he will ever understand me and what the last few years have been about in deference to the interpretation he’s overlayed on my past actions. I do not know that he’ll ever believe differently about all of this and that’s sad. I wish it were otherwise but I don’t know that there is anything I can do (even my “my love has made the lawyer appointment” message was responded by TJ but not my friend). And I wonder greatly whether he’d ever understand my struggles and approach to “growing” in my faith… I wish this weren’t the case, but he’s always acted like an older brother. Following the end of my marriage and the end of my relationship with my live-in love, he was a much needed godsend. But it seems that I have not been that way to him (and worse). That’s sad. I wish it weren’t that way. JBB

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