The Bombs of Salvation

I was going to continue reflections on my bible reading from a couple days ago, Matthew 5 The Sermon on the Mount. But I’m pretty dead tonight so I should really crash. Before I do I have to say that the one things that I wanted to note was the irony between reflecting on Jesus’ “Beatitudes” and the fact that this evening the US President decided to unload on a country halfway across the world. In prior explanations of the reasons for this action and what he hoped to accomplish I find it amazingly arrogant that we’d take it upon ourselves to “liberate” a people who have not asked for our “assistance.” It’s a bit like saving everyone in a village by burning down the village and killing half of it occupants. I am very fearful that we are only digging ourselves in deeper and inviting the wrath of the rest of the world. I guess we really didn’t learn anything from Vietnam. This does not sound at all like the Kingdom of God Jesus spoke about. JBB

Music: The Na-Na Song-Sheryl Crow-Tuesday Night Music Club

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