stack of bibles by Joe Bustillos

Jacob’s Ladder: Blog’s Intro

A friend commented on a weird bumper sticker she’d seen: “WWJD/WTF” (“What Would Jesus Do/What the F*ck”). She was startled by this apparent conflict of beliefs. While I’m not too likely to put that sticker on my car I certainly understand the bumper sticker’s flippant response to a faith that often seems just beyond the reach of us mere mortals.In this blog I intend to explore that vast wasteland between my heartfelt beliefs and the vulgar frustrations of life. This will be a collection of observations, essays, and notes from my own often neglected Bible studies. Having earned a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies from Biola University and a few terms at Fuller Seminary in the early 80s, I tend to know my way around the traditional issues. But I’m more interested in life somewhere in between the brain-dead party-line of the cool-aid drinkers and the angry scarred souls of the “formerly-religious.” The title “Jacob’s Ladder” comes from being in that place in between having that vision of Faith in my heart and the long road that I’ve traveled “away” from God.

WWJD/WTF… Sorry, that’s rude, but sometimes it does say it succinctly. JBB

Music: Hard To Make A Stand – Sheryl Crow – Sheryl Crow

[Editorial note: This version of the blog is being created on 05/11/08, but much of the material goes back to February 2003 (and before that), so I will post date it for the sake of context. JBB]

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